A Center Of Excellence

Space Metrics Inc. is a Minority Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) that was founded in 2011. The company's name stems from its original focus: developing corporate workspaces. Over the years we have evolved into a dynamic organization made up of enthusiastic teams who offer effective and creative solutions to our valued clients. We leverage the appropriate technical expertise, process improvement, and innovation to deliver the quality solutions our customers expect.

Our customers have openly reported that they contract Space Metrics Inc. because of our distinctive ability to quickly assess their needs, then offer innovative solutions that routinely exceed their expectations. Due to the agile nature of our business model, our teams are able to quickly adapt to the client’s needs and ensure we deliver the solutions they need.

At Space Metrics Inc. complete customer success and satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we always deliver!

Core Competencies

Our teams provide a full suite of programmatic services designed to integrate seamlessly with the demands of our customers. These core competencies include:

    Over the years, Space Metrics Inc. has consistently achieved success in a variety of projects ranging from a highly sensitive security program to a mission critical FAA Next Generation (NextGen) Transformational Program. While the scope, size and requirements of these programs have varied, the approach and response of our team has been consistent – resulting in complete customer satisfaction, on time, every time.

    Why Choose Us

    Our Value Proposition - We take the time to understand our customers and their needs.

    Our Staff - We recruit and retain some of the best talent and compensate them appropriately.

    Our Responsiveness – We quickly assess our customers’ needs and match them with the right people who can ensure their success.

    Our Determination - We will continually strive to understand and meet our customers’ requirements and objectives.